Follow Yourself



Welcome! My name is Danielle Benvenuto.

For most of my life I have been helping people heal. I was a psychologist and energy healer in New York City for 15 years. I also enjoy writing and during this time I published articles about my personal and professional experiences.  

Over time however, I discovered the poet and artist in me begging to come out and in 2017, I left behind my career as a healer as well as the city I had loved for a very long time to create something different—a new form of self-expression which had been calling from deep inside of me for many years.

I moved to Berlin in 2017 and began to play with and mix together all these different sides of myself, an adventure and multi-faceted project which has only just begun. During this big transition, I fell in love with life! It took many, many years but finally I had the courage to leave a career I was successful and good at to fully follow my heart. And now I find myself finally here: Falling deeper and deeper in love with the process, falling harder and more in love with simply being alive.

I have always felt life to be a miracle and often find it in the ordinary when I stop to take a look. I know also life can get pretty dark. Having been there and back many times, I can say with certainty a few things: There is no light without darkness and no life without deadness and we must choose everyday which sea we want to swim in. To be able to make this choice consciously is something, in my opinion, we all must (with patience and compassion) work hard on to achieve.

I believe in science. I like having proof.  But the mystery interests me way more. I think what is real is what you make real. In my book, anything is possible.

But what I find to be the most profound is not so much the mystical or paranormal experiences I’ve had on the regular but the extraordinary and magical things that happen when I simply follow my heart. 

What that means,”following the heart”, is doing the best we can to move deeper into connection with ourselves, the people in our lives, and with our visions/callings-even if we only can see a faint glimmer. The heart is the key to enlightenment. It's the key to presence. It's the key to love. It's the key to a better world. It's the key that leads to the keys to all the doors in this beautiful, crazy, colorful maze we call life.